Toy Fair 2015 In Full Living Color Video, Part 1

by nessel on February 27, 2015

Toy Videos

Yes, we spent 4 days at the International Toy Fair in NYC in February 2015.  We saw thousands of new toys coming out in 2015.  We saw things that can never be unseen…like a pet dog that poops…and then you feed him his poop and…wait for it…he poops some more.  That was a hard one to wipe from the memory.

The thing is, not only did we see toys, we used one of those amazing devices that captures what you see and makes a video…in color and everything!

Toy Videos, Toy Videos and More Toy Videos Coming Soon

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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly from Toy Fair 2015

by nessel on February 18, 2015

Toy Fair 2015

This post is not what you think it is.   From the title this may seem like a coherent roundup of the best and worst products at the 2015 International Toy Fair that just took place in New York City.  Sorry, it is actually incoherent therapy for me after the emotional roller coaster of attending Toy Fair.  Please submit your bill for listening to me to my insurance company.

How Spending 4 Days With Thousands of Toys Can Nearly Drive You Insane

I am not expecting a lot of sympathy here.  I spent the last 4 days roaming the halls, booths and private showrooms of the International Toy Fair.  For 4 days I got to see previews and even play with the new toys that will be coming out in 2015. Over 100,000 Toy SKUs, enough toys to fill seven football fields!

Feeling sorry for me yet?  Yeah, didn’t think so.  But here is the thing, while we saw plenty of fun new toys, which we will feature in endless videos over the next few weeks, we also saw tons of crap.  Here is where I would normally say, “oh pardon my language” – but no, we literally saw tons of poop toys.

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Toy Of The Year Awards 2015, And The Winner Is…

by nessel on February 13, 2015

TOTY 2015

We are getting ready to hit the show floor at Toy Fair NYC tomorrow.  We will be looking at thousands of new toys, trying to figure out what will be the hits of 2015.  While predicting what will be popular come the 2015 holidays is a bit of challenge, figuring out what was super popular in 2014 is now very easy.  We just need to look at the Toy Of The Year (TOTY) Award Winners for 2015 that were just announced moments ago…

And The Winners Are…

Specialty Toy Of The Year

Winner: Gravity Maze By Thinkfun

Gravity Maze

Full Review of Gravity Maze

Innovative Toy Of The Year

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Review: LeapBand from LeapFrog, Because Marching Like An Elephant Is Fun

February 13, 2015

You know what, I’m just going to say it – growing up sucks.  I mean if my watch suddenly told me to start Marching Like An Elephant or get on the ground and Wiggly Like a Worm, I’m not gonna do it – because I am an adult and adults don’t behave like that.  Man [...]

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Tasty Tuesday: It’s A Miracle, Van’s Gluten Free Snacks Are Not Taste Free

February 10, 2015

by Ann Burniske It’s back!  It’s been way too long, but we are excited to say that Tasty Tuesday has made a triumphant return.  Simply put, Tasty Tuesday is the day when we talk about some of the yummy stuff we have been digging at Dad Does.  Amazingly, Tasty Tuesday always falls on a Tuesday…good [...]

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Pinblock Building and Construction Toy, Further Proof That Simple Is Fun

February 9, 2015

(Please read in your best internal Jerry Seinfeld voice)…What’s The Deal With Lego? You’ve got your 1, 2, 4, 6…who knows how many point bricks.  You’ve got thin bricks and fat bricks.  You’ve got that special brick that only comes in the limited edition surprise package that is only sold on odd days in leap [...]

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Review: Mogix External Battery Charger, Sometimes Boring Can Be Exciting

February 6, 2015

Having trouble sleeping?  You could count sheep, but if you really want to knock yourself out, just read a long technical discussion on the merits of external battery pack chargers.  Yeah we get it, external battery packs like the Mogix are not the most exciting of topics.  The thing is, you know all those cool [...]

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The Easy On Your Eyes Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (CES2015) Recap

February 3, 2015

Let’s be honest Moms and Dads, we are not getting any younger here.  Reading all these words, on computers, phones or tablets – no easy task for our tired eyes.  Yet we still want to know about all the latest and greatest gadgets.  Whatever can we do? Watch And Listen Boys, Watch and Listen If [...]

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Review: Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, Time To Rethink What You Can Do With a PC

January 29, 2015

Personal Computers (PCs), Notebooks and Laptops…remember when these things used to be , well a thing.  You would get excited to get a new computer, it was after all the ultimate tech gift, sitting on top of the gadget food chain.  Then along came tablets, smartphones and wearables – suddenly PCs and laptops were totally [...]

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Review: Misfit Flash, Fitness Tracking Made Simple

January 22, 2015

At 11:45pm last night I started running, like a caged rat, in my basement.  The night before, much to the amazement of my sleepy cat, I started walking loops around my house.  While this may sound like the actions of a Dad who has spent a little too much time around glue sticks, there is [...]

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