When you imagine a robot, do you see an app controlled cylinder, traveling at 14 MPH and doing almost magical moves in mid air? Yeah, probably not – but that might all change when you see our video review of Ollie The App Controlled Robot from the fine folks at Orbotix (who brought us Sphero and Sphero 2).

Please watch our video review of Ollie The App Controlled Robot -

We Only Scratched The Surface of What Ollie Can Do

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Kids want to run, play, explore and be free to discover new things.  Parents want to make sure their kids are safe, secure, out of danger and yes, happy and having fun!  As a Dad I often struggle with the balance between my kids desire to be free and my need to know they are safe.   Now a new product called FiLIP 2 promises to use technology to allow kids to be kids and parents to be parents.

The FiLIP 2 is a wearable phone, smart locator and watch for kids (ages 4-11).  The idea is to provide kids with a very easy to use watch based phone, while providing parents with an app that provides some sophisticated tracking capabilities.  Can the FiLIP 2 walk that fine line of providing information to parents, without totally stripping kids of their privacy and freedom?

Please watch our video review of the FiLIP 2 Wearable Phone To See How It Works -

FiLIP 2, Advanced Technology Hidden Behind Drop Dead Simple Design

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Google Cardboard

It’s On Like Donkey Kong.  Or Virtual, 3D Donkey Kong at least.  The Google Cardboard invasion is here.  Don’t know what Google Cardboard is?  At a Google I/O conference in July, a couple of Google workers demonstrated how with a phone, some cardboard and few a cheap lenses you could build a Virtual Reality Headset.  Forget about waiting for Oculus Rift and spending hundreds of dollars, with Google Cardboard you could enter the Virtual World today…for under $20!

With 500,000 Google Cardboards Shipped, Things Are Getting Real

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The Living Guide To Virtual Reality On The Cheap

December 8, 2014

Reality, I think it is time I see other realities.  Don’t take it personally, it’s not you, it’s me.  I mean, you have your gravity, logic, physics and consequences – which are all totally cool, but I just need a little more freedom at this point in my life.   I need to experience what [...]

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Give a Toy, Get a Lap Dance…We Certainly Live in Interesting Times

December 4, 2014

Wife: Were You Off Blowing Our Money At The Strip Club Again? Husband: No, I Was Doing a Toy Drive For the Needy Wife: Why Does the Credit Card Bill Have All These Charges from The Strip Club? Husband: Well, It Is Rude Not to Tip The Person Who Takes Your Toys! Yep, that is [...]

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Save on Cyber Monday, Then Give on #GivingTuesday

December 1, 2014

We won’t take much of your time today.  We know everyone is busy snapping up crazy deals for Cyber Monday.  Wonder what the best deals are?  Here are a few of our favorite CyberMonday Deal roundups – USA Today Cyber Monday Deal List Engadget Deal Roundup Yahoo Tech Deal Roundup Gizmodo Best Cyber Monday Deals [...]

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Show Off Your #NewCarFace And Cars.Com Might Pay Off Your Car Loan

November 26, 2014

Is there anything better than that new car smell?  Particularly for us parents, there is just something so magical about being in a car that doesn’t smell like fast food, crushed Cheerios, sneakers and milk…. that the kids forget to tell you about, when it fell under their seat a week ago. Yes, the thrill [...]

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Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter With ThermaCELL ProFLEX Heated Insoles

November 25, 2014

The winter is fast approaching, which is great if you love to ski and spend time outdoors in the snow.  While your mind might love the idea of being out in the cold, brisk, refreshing winter air…your feet…not so much. In our quest to keep our toes warm, we just tried out a new solution, [...]

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Just Fun Toys for Everyone – 2014 Gift Guide

November 21, 2014

Dad Does Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Just Fun Toys For Everyone Some toys don’t fit nicely into a category.  Maybe they are not a RC toy or a Blaster…but that is fine, because who are we to apply labels anyway.  One man’s blaster could be another man’s oddly shaped walking stick.  Anyway, label or no [...]

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Love Toys and Games? You Need to Get To Chicago This Weekend!

November 19, 2014

Chicago – The Windy City.  So named because people in Chicago have so much fun playing toys and games that they physically get winded from all the fun.  Fine, for 361 days a year that last statement might be totally made up, but for the 4 days when the Chicago Toy and Game Fair is [...]

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