What is the fist thing that jumps into your head when I say… Robots and Coding?

Strings of numbers?  Complex languages?  Nightmares about If Then statements?

Sure makes sense…unless you are talking about Ozobot.  In that case, the colors red, blue, green and black should fill your mind.  Ozobot is the programmable robot unlike anything you have ever seen before…until now, because we are about to show Ozobot to you!

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Ozobot, The Robotic Game Piece With a Brain

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Your daughter scores the winning goal for her soccer team and you happen to shoot the perfect video of the amazing moment.  Sure, you could share that video on YouTube and Facebook.  Even if your friends have the new iPhone 6 Plus – that screen is just not big enough to do your daughter’s incredible athletic skills justice.  Perhaps everyone you know has an Apple TV and can pop that awesome video onto their 60″ Flat Screen TV.  Closer, but come on, your daughter is a star now, she needs more exposure than that.

How about having that winning soccer goal video digitally plastered on the side of a 31 Foot Bus?  Now we are talking!

Starting today, Zeusvision is changing the way outdoor advertising works.  Starting at just $99, anyone can have their message, video or photo displayed on the side of a Zeusvision Digital Media Bus.  Parent bragging is about to take on a whole new dimension!

The Line Between Outdoor Ads and Social Sharing Just Got Blurry

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Anki Drive

Don’t bother re-reading that title, it makes even less sense the second time you read it.  Anki DRIVE has that familiar feeling of playing a car racing video game, complete with power-ups, upgrades, weapons and shields…expect it is real!  Or maybe it is more like racing classic slot cars on a track, except the cars never go off the track and oh yeah, did we mention you have lasers, cannons, bombs and tractor beams!

Anki DRIVE Robot Racing has a familiar feel, even though you have never played anything like it before!  The only hard part about Anki DRIVE is trying to describe exactly what it is…so let’s just show you instead.

Please watch our full video review of the Anki DRIVE Battling Robot Race Cars Starter Kit -

With Anki Drive Looks Can Be Deceiving

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Review: Sky Viper Camera Drone Quadcopter, Don’t Let the NSA Have All The Fun

October 22, 2014

Sure we are all outraged by the NSA spying on us…but aren’t we just a little jealous too?  I mean the NSA has all these super cool tech toys – drones, spy cameras, etc.  Now you and the kids can operate your own family version of the NSA with the Sky Viper Camera Drone from [...]

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Review: Gravity Maze From ThinkFun, Marbles and Logic Unite!

October 20, 2014

Marble runs are fun.  Mazes and logic puzzles are also cool.  Hmm, what would happen if you combined the building fun of a marble run with the logic challenges of a puzzle?  You would get Gravity Maze from ThinkFun! Please watch our video review of Gravity Maze from ThinkFun – Learning Is Easy When Things [...]

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A Quick Recap Of The Perfect Toys For That Little Spy In Your Life

October 17, 2014

Hey Moms and Dads looking to give your kids some direction? Trying to point them toward a growth industry – something they might be able to get a job in and pay off their $200K in college debt?  I’ve got one word for you… Spying.  I mean come on, is there any agency growing faster [...]

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The Smart Lamp Speaker by emoi, Finally A KickStarter Campaign Worth Backing

October 15, 2014

We are all busy, so let’s cut right to the chase…most KickStarter campaigns suck.  Don’t get me wrong, we love the ideas and the creativity…but all too often the companies don’t deliver on the promise of the campaign.  It is for this reason that we ignore the vast majority of Kickstarter pitches we get each [...]

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Review: SportsTek 4-In-1 Multifunction LED Headlamp, Finally a Cool Headlamp

October 14, 2014

There are certain looks that are just hard to pull off.  I don’t think even Brad Pitt could look cool while wearing a LED Headlamp.  The thing is, sometimes you need that bright, hands-free light that a good headlamp can provide.  Unfortunately, the SportsTek 4-In-1 LED Headlamp has not figured out a way to make [...]

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Lenovo Mashes Home Theater and Tablet Together to Create The TABEATER

October 9, 2014

Lenovo just held a press event and announced the amazing new Yoga Tablet 2 Pro.  A 13-in media tablet with a built-in projector to display 50″ images and an exhilarating 8 watts of sound including a subwoofer… all make this tablet more like a home theater.  Which begs the question, how did Lenovo not name [...]

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Tiggly Counts, A Toy That Makes Learning Math Fun?

October 7, 2014

What do kids think of when they see an iPad?  Fun, entertainment and playing games. What do kids think of when they see a toy? Fun, entertainment and playing games. What do kids think of when you try to teach them math?  Can’t I just play with my toys or your iPad! Perhaps everyone in [...]

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