Squeezable Glass

As a Dad, there are certain phrases that just never come out of my mouth…

Kids, Can You Please Be More Hyper

Can’t We Please Watch Another Barney Video

Yes, Please Squeeze That Glass Bottle

But now Oak Ventures is trying to make me say the unsayable.  No, they have not invented a Barney video that doesn’t drive parents crazy, that would be impossible.  Oak Ventures has done the highly improbable by making the Squeezable Glass Bottle.  The Squeezable Glass drinking bottle looks like your standard plastic water bottle, but the inside of the bottle is coated with squeezable glass.

Please watch our video review of the Squeezable Glass Bottle -

Honestly, Do You Even Own a Bottle Brush?

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Electric Bolt Ghostrider

I’m so old I remember when you used to have to kick your foot to make a scooter go.  People also had these bizarre land-lines in their homes…those were some crazy days.  Here in 2014, kids don’t need to kick to zip along at 13 MPH, they simply twist the throttle on the Pulse Performance Products GhostRider Electric Bolt scooter and off they gooooo….

Well, that is what we were told, but at Dad Does we are all about Doing!  So, we got our hands…or feet…on a GhostRider Electric Bolt and tested it out.  Please watch our video review of the GhostRider Electric Bolt Scooter -

No Kick Start Necessary!

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It’s Official, Kale is King!

by nessel on July 24, 2014


How long before Disney options the rights to Kale.  Come on, who doesn’t love a good rags to riches story?  Hmm, I wonder how one becomes the agent for a green leafy vegetable…

You Better Get On The Kale Bandwagon While You Can

Way back in the day, kale was an inexpensive dark, leafy green – a sort of poor man’s lettuce.  Back in these ancient times, kale was at best a garnish.  I am of course talking about the heady days of 2001.  Then a guy did a “Eat More Kale” shirt and things started to change for this chewy, leafy green.  Flash forward to today and you have the book “Fifty Shades of Kale“, Kale chips, Kale Blogs, Kale Clubs and kale is now on 400% more restaurant menus than it was just four years ago.  Even Starbucks and The Cheesecake Factory have kale items.

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Review: Mattel BoomCo Rapid Madness Blaster – Fast, Sticky Fun

July 22, 2014

The Nerf line from Hasbro have long ruled the kids blaster world.  Is it possible for any other toy company to blast its way into the world of flying darts?  Mattel thinks so!  New for 2014 is the line of BoomCO blasters from Mattel that feature Smart Stick darts.  To test the BoomCO line out [...]

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Review: The Pocket Tripod, Your iPhone Has A New Best Friend

July 17, 2014

What is a best friend?  A best friend is always there for you and always supports you.  By this definition, The Pocket Tripod is your iPhone’s new best friend.  It is the size of a credit card, so small and easy to carry – it is always there for your iPhone.  A couple of quick [...]

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eZoom GPS Tracker, Keep Track of Your Bag, Bike, Car and Teens

July 16, 2014

When your teenager says he is just driving to Jimmy’s house, is that all he is doing? Does your teen have a lead foot? Did someone just steal your car? Maybe, most important of all, who keeps stealing your lunch? All of these questions can now be answered thanks to the eZoom GPS Tracker.  The [...]

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Review: Lenovo U530 Touch Laptop, A Slim Laptop That Is Easy On Your Eyes…And Wallet

July 15, 2014

Remember computers and laptops?  Yep, those quaint devices we used to use, back in the prehistoric days before the advent of tablets and smartphones.  Kids, ask your parents, they can tell you stories of these devices.  Guess what?  It turns out the reports of the death of laptops and computers has been greatly exaggerated. Side [...]

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This Kickstarter Campaign Proves That We Live In A Screwed Up World

July 9, 2014

We live in complicated times.  You have the whole 99% vs the 1% in terms of wealth and powder debate.  1 in 5 American children wonder where there next meal will come from (source).  49 million people in America face hunger issues everyday (source).  There are hardworking volunteers, working for incredible nonprofits, who pour everything [...]

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Review: Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire, Stop The Zombie Invasion With One Hand

July 7, 2014

Look, a Zombie Invasion is going to happen, that is just a cold hard scientific fact.  How else could you possibly explain all the Zombie killing toys?  In any case, the only remaining question worth discussing, when it comes to the Zombie Invasion, is will you be able to kill off the Zombies with just [...]

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Review: Thinium Charge, The World’s Thinnest and Coolest Wall Charger

July 1, 2014

We tend to get a lot of emails from well meaning PR folks.  They have this amazing ability to make the most boring products sound like dazzling, once in a lifetime breakthroughs.  Of course, then we get the product and it is as boring as we thought.  So, when we were told by PR folks [...]

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