Who is Dan Nessel?


Let me start by saying they are making me write this against my will.  I have just filed a formal protest with the Who Is Society of America and my guess is this article will never see the light of day.  I mean, really, what makes me qualified to tell you who I am?  Besides, I am way too busy playing with toys to have an adult conversation about who I am and why I started Dad Does.  What’s that?  Hmm, it appears I have just been told I can’t test out that new RC helicopter until I finish this post.  Fine, here we go…

I have two wonderful children and a wife who is perfect, wait, she married me, so clearly her judgement in men is far from perfect.  Anyway, I have numerous interest – gadgets, sports, food, toys, travel – but ever since I became a Dad in 2001, I started to look at everything from a parent’s point of view.   I would search for reviews that focused on how products could make a Dad’s life easier or better in some way.

Back in September 2010 I came to the realization that my wife had reached years ago…I was clearly never going to grow up.  I liked playing with toys, testing out new gadgets and trying to find creative ways of avoiding real work.   At first I thought I was alone in my desire to see everything through a “Dad Lens”, but the more I talked to other Dads and Moms, the more I realized that a site devoted to providing honest real world reviews of things which could make a parent’s life a little easier or better in some way had mass appeal.  Oh, who am I kidding, I really was just trying to figure out a way to play with toys all day and not get into trouble with my wife.

Here’s the cool part, Dad Does is really doing a great job of pretending to be a legitimate business.  It turns out there are numerous opportunities for a Dad who loves to review things.  Our YouTube Channel has over 75 Million views and exactly zero videos of cats playing piano. Somehow Grand Magazine made the mistake of allowing me to write my own column – Toys N Tech.  Huffington Post is crazy enough to allow me to write a column there. Numerous radio stations have gone against the advice of the FCC and allowed me to pollute their airwaves on many occasions (talking everything from Top Toys to Father’s Day).  I have become a judge on the US Supreme Court.  Oh wait, what’s that?  Oh, turns out I am actually a judge for the KAPi Awards – still super cool.  MyFox Houston was crazy enough to feature DadDoes on their TV show.  Newspapers have savagely cut down defenseless trees to print words spewed from my mouth.  Take a look at the side bar to see examples of all these media travesties.

While I am the founder of Dad Does, this site would never fly without the great writers we work with.  Ready for some real controversy?  We even have writers of the female persuasion.  Sitting down?  Many of them are MOMS!  Some of these writers even have real credentials.  Noelle, who does all of our children’s book reviews, has been a Children’s Librarian for 15 years.  How insane is that?  Writers who actually know what they are talking about…just crazy enough to work.

Okay, I have fallen asleep twice while writing this, I could only imagine how many times your head hit the keyboard.  Simply put, I love talking all things parenting, toys, reviews, gadgets – pretty much anything that keeps me from doing real work.  Have an idea?  Want to talk?  Know the meaning of life and looking to share?  Head on over to the contact us page and get in touch.

You still here?  It’s over, I am already playing with my RC helicopter.  This is now being written by my cat.  Meow, meow, meow…


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