The Dad Does Difference

Different Is Good

We are different and proud of it! Yes, there are plenty of review sites, news sites, parenting blogs, etc.  Here are some of the ways DadDoes is different than all those other sites…

DadDoes is All About the Conversation

How many times have you had a conversation which ends up being much more interesting than the topic you started with.  Yes, we will throw out topics, but we already know the conversations that grow out of those  topics will be much more fun.

Who Cares What We Think, This is YOUR Site

What is more interesting the views of the handful of Dads who write this site or the views of thousands of diverse people who read this site?  Yep, the real interest is in what you think. We will use polls, contests, bribes, flat out begging – anything it takes to get you readers to tell us what you think.

Reviews, like Revenge, is a Dish Best Served Cold

While all the other sites are rushing reviews out of products that have not even been launched, we will be quietly bidding our time.   We will spend our time  living with the product, sleeping with the product (literally… some people here have a real fetish for that) and making it part of our crazy hectic family lives.  All this time we will be documenting how the product really impacts our lives – does it make things better for us or not.

Yes, the other review sites will laugh at us as days turn to weeks and we have not gushed about the tech specs of the latest gadget to change our lives.  But, we will have the last laugh when we post a review that actually shows we used the product and how it performed in the real world.  Their reviews will be pipping hot – served the day the product is released.  Our reviews will be cold, served only once we have had ample time to prepare it, but we feel the truth is worth waiting for.

Share the Love Sponsorship Program

We need to make money somehow.  While we working out the kinks on our stock prediction machine (it keeps saying we should buy Lehman Brothers) we have decided to have some sponsors for the site – but with a twist.  At DadDoes we are all about sharing the fun and savings, so in order for a sponsor to come on board they need to give us stuff we can give back to you! It may be coupons, samples, new stuff they need tested – whatever, the point is they can’t just buy an ad, they need to give us something that we will give to you.
Some things we will have enough for everyone, other things we will do free contests.  It will be fun – just make sure you are in the Dad Does Super Secret Ninja Database – so we can let you know when we have free stuff for you to collect.  Please, tell your friends – the more people we have the more stuff we can squeeze out of our sponsors.

Together We Can Throw Some Weight Around and Make the World a Better Place

Never swim alone, there is safety in number, One is the loneliest number - you pick your saying, but clearly we can all do more if we work together.  Making the world a better place may be on a fun level like getting wholesale pricing on stuff, getting free products and testing out new products.  However, we can also use our strength in numbers to help those in need, get the word out about causes that need to be known and learn about ways to make the world a better place.  Alone we have a whisper, together we can roar.

The Only Dad Blog With A Giant Creepy One Eyed “D”

Yes, the D is looking  at you, don’t bother trying to get away, the D always finds you.   

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