Zoomer Chimp

I know, a pet chimp who will not maul or rip your face off is mighty appealing.  Maybe that is enough for you.  You know Zoomer Chimp will not kill you, we've done our job, end of review... No, not end of review.  You are a Dad Does reader, you demand more from your robotic click to continue...

Zoomer Dino

Kids today will grow up to face a number of challenges.  Ice caps melting, temperatures rising and crazy escalating debt...just to name a few.  All of that may be true, but don't start feeling all sorry for the next generation, they have some insanely cool toys that we never got as kids! Last year we click to continue...

Zoomer Interactive Pet

I like robots.  What is not to like about a robot who sweeps up your floors?  I also like dogs - you can't go wrong with man's best friend.  The thing is, I have not been a big fan of the merger of the two - robotic dogs.  Dogs are playful, willful and surprising and click to continue...


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