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OMG - what are you doing here? This site is dead and just filled with ghosts.  Like this - What??? It's 2020 and if you look at the left side navigation you see images like this...from 2014...I am telling you - nothing but ghosts here! Look, I'll be honest with you.  The ghosts were freaking click to continue...

4 million views on YouTube

Mark it on your calendar.  Get is tattooed on your chest.  Today is a huge day for Dad Does.  Our YouTube Channel just pulled within 24 Million views of the Keyboard Cat.  Yep, today we passed 4 million views to our YouTube Channel, or put another way, only 24 million fewer people have watched our click to continue...

YouTube Comments

We did it!  Our little YouTube Channel just went over 1 Million Views!   As we promised in our Win 1 Million Post, we are awarding 1 Million...Indonesian Rupiah to Chris S!  To make life a little simpler for Chris we will pay in US dollars, let's see 1 Million Rupiah...carry the 1, that equals about click to continue...

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