ISGLOVES, Gloves for your Touchscreen phone

Let's be honest, we have all become so dependent on our iPhones and other touchscreen phones and devices that we have a hard time functioning without them.  As we move into winter, we will risk frostbite, pulling off our gloves just to send a text, check email or search for remedies to frostbite.  For most click to continue...

Gore-Tex Boots

Superman had his Kryptonite, Achilles his heel, Samson his hair and I have wet feet.  Yes, every man has his weakness.  During the winter, I can be bundled up and handle even the coldest long as my feet stay dry.  Let that snow seep through my boots and soak into my socks and I click to continue...

Men's Lands' End Hooded Down Jacket

Let's just say I took one for the team today...actually two for the team.  A block of ice to the eye and a bullet to the nose (it will make sense when you see the video), but nothing will get in our way of doing a real world review!  Today we were tasked with the click to continue...


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