Wii U Nintendo

Every man has his weakness.  Here in Sin City Las Vegas, there are endless temptations - the gambling, the giant frozen drinks and the women with more silicone than all the gadgets at CES.   Today, I meet my match and succumbed to a slightly different temptation.  When the fine folks at Nintendo gave me the click to continue...

Zelda Wii

By Noelle, Librarian Extraordinaire In October, I got the very special chance to visit with the good folks from Nintendo as they traveled the country in their character-covered, specially outfitted Airstream RV pumping their new games.  Okay, so I was in the back of a parking lot of a hotel, and that seemed a bit click to continue...

The Malgrave Incident

If there is one thing I know, it is this - you really can't trust a wealthy recluse.   Give a wealthy recluse a private island and now you have a recipe for disaster.  Of course the only wealthy recluse who owns a private island that I have met (virtually) is Winston Malgrave from the Nintendo click to continue...


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