water guns

Toy Blasters and Aggression?

There is no question we have an issue with gun violence, especially here in the USA. We are not looking to get into a debate on what the 2nd amendment protects, but we are looking to debate the effect that toy guns and blasters have on our kids. Please watch this quick video... Then leave click to continue...

Zoom Zooka

Kids like planes that can fit in your pocket and high flying foam rockets.  Kids like darts that go faster and high powered water blasters.  No, we are not writing the next great children's book, we are simply describing the new Zoom Zooka from Zing Toys.  The Zoom Zooka is a 4-In-1 blaster that can click to continue...

Super Soaker ElectroStorm

Back when I was a kid, mixing water and electricity was generally frowned upon. This meant if we wanted to douse our friends in a water gun fight we had to pump or pull a trigger repeatedly until our fingers almost fell off.  Today Nerf has figured out how to create battery operated water guns click to continue...


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