virtual reality

Noon VR

Let's face it, sometimes the reality we live in can be a little trying.  Kids screaming, rain falling and the police cars with sirens blasting driving by your window are doing very little to put you in a happy place.  What if you could leave your reality, say jump to a virtual reality filled with click to continue...

Google Cardboard

It's On Like Donkey Kong.  Or Virtual, 3D Donkey Kong at least.  The Google Cardboard invasion is here.  Don't know what Google Cardboard is?  At a Google I/O conference in July, a couple of Google workers demonstrated how with a phone, some cardboard and few a cheap lenses you could build a Virtual Reality Headset click to continue...

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Virtual Reality PC

Reality, I think it is time I see other realities.  Don't take it personally, it's not you, it's me.  I mean, you have your gravity, logic, physics and consequences - which are all totally cool, but I just need a little more freedom at this point in my life.   I need to experience what click to continue...


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