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Astrojax Toy

When we review a new RC helicopter, you can tell how cool it is just by looking at the photo at the top of the post.  Now take a look at the photo at the top of this post.  Three balls on a string...doesn't really ooze with fun and coolness.  Yet, don't judge a toy click to continue...

Gibout Blocks, BigBlox

You know what happens if I rub my face against the bricks that my house is made out of?  I get scrapes on my face and strange looks from my neighbors.  If only my house was built out of the Gibout Toys Giant Plush Building Blocks (BigBloxTM). When you think building blocks, you probably think click to continue...

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We have been covering some toys with incredible technology. A car, that can also fly and fire missiles?  Done it.  A robotic battle turret that can track a helicopter and shoot it out of the sky?  Been there, done that.  As much as we love our battery hungry techy toys, we are always suckers for click to continue...

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While I love cool tech toys like RC planes with built in video cameras, I still have a soft spot for simple toys that can provide hours of fun, even in a blackout!  Fractiles-7 (travel size) is a battery free toy that is fun, portable and don't tell the kids - but also educational.  Who click to continue...

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