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Thinium Charge

We tend to get a lot of emails from well meaning PR folks.  They have this amazing ability to make the most boring products sound like dazzling, once in a lifetime breakthroughs.  Of course, then we get the product and it is as boring as we thought.  So, when we were told by PR folks click to continue...

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FatCat Gear PowerBar

The old business school saying goes "Good products solve problems".  Notice they never said good products had to be fun and exciting, the key is solving a problem.   The FatCat 4200 PowerBar is a boring gadget.  It is basically a 4 ounce external battery pack travel charger.   While a battery pack may not get you click to continue...

Solar Backpack Adapters

Let's start this product review off with a quick one question test... You see a guy walking down the street with a stuffed backpack.  As you look closer you notice the bag is filled with wires, a battery and a spooky red light is glowing from the back of the bag. Which of the following click to continue...

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New Trent Charger

GUJNQVNWXDTE Don't click close on your browser yet!  I know what you are thinking - how boring, techy and geeky to review an external battery pack (and if you were not thinking that - shame on you) but this little device saved my sanity, or more accurately, it saved the sanity of all the people sitting click to continue...


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