toys 2012

Micro Chargers Miniature Race Cars

I now lay awake at night wondering if toy cars can really get any smaller or any faster.  Yes, after spending some time testing the new Micro Chargers, fast charging miniature race cars from Moose Toys, I am starting to think we may be approaching the limit of small, fast race cars.  After all, can click to continue...

Hot Wheels Terrain Twister

We have reviewed numerous Hot Wheels cars that are packed with impressive technology.   The Hot Wheels Video Racer somehow fits a video camera, microphone, LCD screen and USB port in a standard size Hot Wheels car.    The Hot Wheels Nitro Speeder, a tiny RC car that goes from 0 - 600 MPH in 1 click to continue...

Air Hogs Heli Replay

It may seem weird to start a review of the new Air Hogs Heli Replay R/C Helicopter by praising its lack of a spring.  After all, this is a remote controlled helicopter that can be controlled with the included remote control OR by using an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android device.  In addition, you can click to continue...

Shoe Lights

What parent doesn't love the educational and conservation aspects of National Geographic?  What kid doesn't love exploring and playing outside?  Combine exploration, education and outdoor fun and you have the new National Geographic Outdoor Explorer Series of Toys from Uncle Milton. We wanted to see how the new National Geographic explorer toys held up in click to continue...

Turnstile Revolving Maze Game by ThinkFun

Do your kids workout?  You know, really push it, get things going and become big gainers?  If you have kids 8 or over, you really are doing them a disservice if you are not incorporating a good workout routine into every day.  I am of course talking about a mental workout for your brain! ThinkFun click to continue...


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