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Coder MiP

We reviewed the MiP Robot from WowWee two years ago and it was one of our favorite robot toys.  MiP balances on two wheels, plays games and can make all types of strange noises...what was not to love? Well, WowWee has just upped the MiP ante by releasing Coder MiP.  Now MiP is translucent and click to continue...

CHiP Pup from WowWee

You know what separates every robotic pet from a real pet? An on/off switch! The thing which is great about real pets is that they are living, breathing things.  Real pets are always going, filled with personality and demand your attention. While the CHiP Robotic Pup from WowWee does not look like a real dog click to continue...

Zoomer Chimp

I know, a pet chimp who will not maul or rip your face off is mighty appealing.  Maybe that is enough for you.  You know Zoomer Chimp will not kill you, we've done our job, end of review... No, not end of review.  You are a Dad Does reader, you demand more from your robotic click to continue...

CogniToys Dino

If I could travel back in time and ask a Dinosaur - How Far Is The Sun? I would probably just get a blank stare...and then be viciously eaten. On the other hand, if I push the belly of the CogniToys Dino and ask it the same question, I get a very precise answer and click to continue...

Air Hogs Switchblade

Life can be so hard.  Decisions, decisions. Do you go with a cool new RC car or RC helicopter? How can we be expected to make such life changing decisions? Luckily, thanks to the Switchblade Ground and Air Race Heli from Air Hogs, we no longer need to make these impossible choices. Please watch our click to continue...

Pocket Drone

Pockets.  What are they really good for?  Sure, they allow you to carry a phone, some keys, a few credit cards and maybe even some cash, but is that really all they can do?  No, no it's not. Pockets can now carry drones.  Not just any drones, but drones that shoot HD Video, have altitude click to continue...


Much has changed in the world of toys since I was a kid.  No doubt kids have much more technologically advanced toys - but are they more fun?  For example, when I was a kid, I used to fire rubber bands from my fingertips, you can't improve on the play value of that...right? Actually you click to continue...

stratos spheres

Who didn't love playing games like Connect Four as a kid?  It was sort of the next level up from Tic-Tac-Toe and it was fun...until it wasn't.  Much like Tic-Tac-Toe, the pattern became very repetitive with game after game ending in a tie.  After all, there are only so many ways you can get four click to continue...


So, How Exactly Do You Make Zoomer Fart?


Christmas is a magical time.  A day to spend time with your family and loved ones.  A day to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  And of course, a day to find out - How Do You Make Zoomer Fart? We do a ton of product reviews and numerous product review videos on our YouTube channel click to continue...

Chocolate Pen

There are certain products, which just by the nature of their name, you know you want.  We are about to a write a full review about the Candy Craft Chocolate Pen by Skyrocket Toys, but let's be honest, the moment your eyes saw the phrase "Chocolate Pen," you knew you wanted it! Still, we had click to continue...

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