toy fair 2013

Marshmallow Mazooka

Yesterday we launched our new Toy Fair 2013 inspired series - The "thing" yesterday was the Zing Legends Longbow.  The critical acclaim that followed has been nothing short of amazing.  If 8 year old boys had voting rights for the Oscars, we would be shoe ins for Best Action Movie Involving An Arrow (yes, yes click to continue...

Zing Legends Longbow

You can hardly take a step at Toy Fair without some type of flying projectile whizzing by your head.  Darts, arrows, RC planes, infants - all whisk by as we walk the show floor (note: the infant thing was unconfirmed, that may have been a Play-Doh sniffing induced hallucination).   Toys that blast off various click to continue...

Lego Architecture

Nothing like getting the International Toy Fair 2013 started with a big gala award ceremony! Forget the Oscars, the real action happens on Saturday night, 2/9/13 when the 2013 Toy of the Year (TOTY) Award Ceremony is held and the top toys are announced.  The votes are in and we will soon know what were the click to continue...

Blast Buckler Skylanders Swap Force

You know how Black Friday sales seems to start about a week before Black Friday?  Well, the same is now happening with Toy Fair 2013 in New York City.  Toy Fair 2013 is set to start on Sunday February 10th, 2013 and we will be providing full coverage, but Activision said why wait for Sunday click to continue...

Greatest Toy Ever

Christmas is almost here.  Sure, technically Christmas 2013 is 11 months away, but we are just a few weeks away from learning what the kids will be begging for come Christmas.  From February 10th - 13th, The 110th Annual International Toy Fair will take place in New York City.  There will be over 100,000 toys click to continue...

Air Hogs Gyroblade

Quick, you are trapped on a desert island, which is most important for your survival: A. Food B. Water If you answered "C" - Remote Control Toys, you are correct!  Food or water, eh, I could take it or leave it - but RC toys that fly, drive and crash...this is the stuff that keeps click to continue...


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