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Dad Does Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Games & Toys That Make You Laugh and Smile Flying toys are cool.  Robots that battle are always a treat.  The thing is, sometimes it is the simple games, with great play value that end up being played with long after the holidays have passed.  In today's gift guide click to continue...

Dart Zone Scorpion

Dad Does Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Top Blaster Toys for 2014 As parents we always teach the kids, "use your words."  Sure, that is a good life philosophy, but sometimes you just want to blast something and let a barrage of foam darts do your talking for you.  Kids, we feel you, which is why click to continue...

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Top 9 Toys for Kids From CES 2014

9 Cool Toys for Kids from CES 2014

Clearly you could argue that everything at the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is a toy...for big kids with lots of disposal income, but today we focus on true toys for kids.  While the focus of CES is clearly on grownups (make sure to see our post on the 33 Best Gadgets for Parents), we click to continue...

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