top toys 2013

Twilight Turtle Tunes

We just can not get enough of the toys!  A few days ago we started with our Guide To The Top Toys of 2013, but it was getting so long we need to break it into two parts.  Here is Part 2 of Our Top Toys of 2013 Guide, but even this is not really click to continue...

RoboMe From WowWee

When I was a kid, I was told that flying cars and robots would be common by the time I was grown up.  I never liked the idea of growing-up, but I figured I would at least have my robot by my side, driving my flying car, while I complained about something.  Well, turns out click to continue...

Marshmallow Double Barrel Shooter

As a parent, how can you not appreciate a well done educational toy?  Then there are all the Tech toys - incredible gadgets that allow kids to play in virtual worlds.  Still, when it comes to flat-out, pure energy releasing fun, how can you beat a good blaster?  A few years ago if you said click to continue...


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