The 01 Dimensioning Instrument

Sure James Bond had pen guns, pen bombs and even poison pens...but did he ever have a pen that could measure the length of his pinky finger?  The 01 Dimensioning Instrument from Instrumments (yes, that is two m's) is a high tech pen that uses a laser, a rolling device and an app on your click to continue...

Trinity 3-In-1 Suitcase Toolbox

For most Dads a toolbox is something like socks.  Sure, we need them, but we really don't get very excited about them.  We've got plenty of tools in the garage and basement and a toolbox to store them in is necessary, but not exactly thrilling to think about.   Let me prove my point with click to continue...

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Black & Decker Junior Power Tool Workshop

Sometimes I wish I could hire a 4 year old as a contractor.  Sure, they don't have the greatest technique when it comes to construction projects, but boy do they have the desire and will!  If you have a little builder who wants to fix things just like Dad, then you need to know about click to continue...

First Aid Kit

Question of the Day - If an axe murderer breaks into your house, wielding an axe that is beautifully crafted and says "Compassion" right on the handle, is he really a bad guy or just a good guy having a bad day? I mean how mad could you really be if someone came after you click to continue...


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