I am so old that when I hear someone mention #iHackedLife I immediately picture this - Turns out there is more to hacking life than creating giant green monsters with an awkward gait.  Lenovo recently challenged us to come up with our best life hacks...little tips and tricks to make life easier or more fun click to continue...

Travel Tips

Have you figured out how you will survive traveling for the holidays?  Fear not, we have called in an expert to give us some tips.  Wendy Shand, is a family travel expert and has traveled widely with her 3 children, Barnaby (10), Maisy (8) and Monty (3).  She is also the founder of leading family click to continue...

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Hockey Mask

As a kid who grew up in NYC,  I learned everything I know about camping from watching Friday The 13th movies.  If you ask me the top 10 ways to stay safe when camping, #1 would be run when you see the guy in the hockey mask and #2 through #10 would be run faster click to continue...

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KOA Virtual Campfire

I love lists.  So nice, neat and symmetrical.   If I had my way, all information would be presented in the form of a list.  As we start to move toward the nicer weather of spring, we can finally think about spending some time outdoors.  What better way to spend some time together as a family click to continue...


While I wish I lived in a tropical climate where we could go camping and have campfires all winter long, I don't.  Up here in the Northeast, camping and having a real campfire in the winter months can be a bit of a challenge.  This is why I suggest you all join me around the click to continue...


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