stratos spheres

Who didn't love playing games like Connect Four as a kid?  It was sort of the next level up from Tic-Tac-Toe and it was fun...until it wasn't.  Much like Tic-Tac-Toe, the pattern became very repetitive with game after game ending in a tie.  After all, there are only so many ways you can get four click to continue...

compose yourself

Should I flip card 0102?  I mean it sounds cool, but maybe I want a faster opening to my composition and should go with 0104.  And should I repeat 0191 twice to create a little more tension? These are the questions you start asking yourself once you have played with Compose Yourself by Thinkfun.  The click to continue...

Maker Studio

  Sometimes more is less. Take a construction toy, remove pieces needed to complete any models in the instruction book and boom you have a better toy! Make sense?  Yeah, we lost ourselves at "Sometimes..." Here is the deal, the new ThinkFun Maker Studio Winches Set is an awesome building toy that requires kids to click to continue...

Gravity Maze

Marble runs are fun.  Mazes and logic puzzles are also cool.  Hmm, what would happen if you combined the building fun of a marble run with the logic challenges of a puzzle?  You would get Gravity Maze from ThinkFun! Please watch our video review of Gravity Maze from ThinkFun - httpv:// The translucent towers in click to continue...

Laser Maze

There are certain things that make anything better... for example, caramelized onions.  Slap some caramelized onions on anything and the awesomeness of the food goes up by 100%.  Yep, if you are making a list of top three things that make other things better you have to go with caramelized onions, sea salt and lasers click to continue...

Math Dice

I assume at some point in the not so distant future we will all have computers permanently attached to our bodies.  Need to figure out what 12 to the 3rd power is?  Tug your right earlobe and your onboard ear calculator will project the number 1,728 onto your computer enhanced left retina.  Until that day click to continue...

Roll & Play by ThinkFun

Here at Dad Does we believe in speaking up for those who don't have a voice in this society.  Well, I guess toddlers do have a voice, they just don't make much sense when they use it, so we have become toddler whisperers.    It turns out toddlers are sick of the rampant Toddlerism they face click to continue...

Turnstile Revolving Maze Game by ThinkFun

Do your kids workout?  You know, really push it, get things going and become big gainers?  If you have kids 8 or over, you really are doing them a disservice if you are not incorporating a good workout routine into every day.  I am of course talking about a mental workout for your brain! ThinkFun click to continue...


Top 10 Fun Toys That Teach from Toy Fair 2012

Slime and Polymer Lab

Toy Fair 2012 has come to an end, but our coverage of all things toys rolls on!  Last week we looked at the Top 8 Girl Toys for 2012, and today we go on the quest for the Holy Grail for that are fun, but also teach.  Often when we think of "educational toys" click to continue...

Bug Trails by Thinkfun JR

I think it might be time to rebrand this site, how does this tag line sound  - "Dad Does, The Place Where Dads Play With  Games That Don't Require Batteries and Come in Bags."  Pretty catchy, would work great on a T-Shirt.  Yesterday we reviewed Boccini - a no battery required game that comes in click to continue...

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