PowerUp 2.0

How did I ever survive my childhood?  Things were so bad when I was a kid that when we made paper airplanes we actually had to rely on the wind to make them fly.  Sometimes I wonder how I managed to make if out of the 'hood, when things were so dire. Luckily, my kids click to continue...

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By Noelle, Librarian Extraordinaire There are countless toys at Toy Fair. There are even more countless toys that come in shades of pink and purple, covered in flowers and rainbows and glitter, that we are lead to believe that little girls yearn and beg their parents for. When you have that many choices, how do click to continue...

No Battery Toys

We have been posting tons of videos of the cool toys we saw at Toy Fair.  Videos are great for capturing things that fly, smash, crash, shoot and explode.  The thing is, Toy Fair is filled with plenty of cool games, puzzles and toys that don't fly around...but still are insanely fun.  So, today we click to continue...

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Toy Fair 2014

Last week we posted a video recap of some of the cool toys we saw on display at Toy Fair 2014.   As it has now been nearly a week since that post, the world is clearly ready for a sequel!  Here we provide more videos of some of the cooler toys we saw being click to continue...

Toy Fair 2014

Toy Fair 2014 in New York City was a great event...except for the food and drinks.  Look, I know soda is bad for me and is rotting away my teeth, filling my body with empty calories and somehow responsible for global warming.  So I feel bad enough when I enjoy my sweet, caffeine laced treat click to continue...

Max Tow Truck

UPDATE 10/15/14: We Have A More Current, Full Hands-On Review of the Max Tow Truck Right Here! Babysitters of the world, you might want to ask for hazard pay if the kid you are babysitting has the Max Tow Truck from Jakks Pacific.  Imagine the horror of sitting down to watch TV when next thing click to continue...


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