Monsuno Toys

As the Dad of 7 and 10 year old boys, I have been through all the battle and collect toys.  For a while, you could hardly spit without hitting a Pokemon card or toy in my house.  I've been through the Bakugan meltdown, where you son collapses to the floor in Target and throws a click to continue...

Toys 2012

We hope the kids really enjoyed all the toys they got for Christmas 2011.  The toys had a good run, a good 6 weeks of being the latest and greatest, must have or my world will collapse, top toys.  Well, start bagging up those relics and preparing to donate them to charity.  I am sure click to continue...

Toy Fair 2012

Do judges wear hats?  No, I guess they don't.  Well, put on your robe then, we got some toy judging to do.  Confused? Strange,  can't see why you would be.  Oh, you weren't privy to the conversation going on in my head before I started writing this article?  Then I should probably start from the click to continue...


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