We can debate lots of things, like which is better - Snickers or Milky Way (for the record, obviously Snickers).  Some things are just set in stone, like the fact that robots will soon be our overlords.  No debate there, but what we can debate is who the robots will destroy first. Spoiler Alert - click to continue...


11 Best Tech Gadgets of 2015

Top Tech Gadgets 2015

The holidays are upon us.  Time is short.  No time for words. Over on our YouTube Channel we reviewed a whole bunch of cool tech gadgets in 2015, here we pick 11 of our favorites... httpv:// Here is a playlist of full reviews of all 11 products. Here are the full review videos for all click to continue...

Sengled Pulse Review

Every once in a while we review a gadget and say "Man, how come we didn't think of that!"  This is exactly the reaction we had with the Sengled Pulse.  The Sengled Pulse Starter Kit is a set of two light bulbs that fit in a standard light socket.  Not impressed yet?  What if I click to continue...

Inner Balance App

Anyone who spends a lot of time around technology knows about "Tech Rage."  This is when technology that is suppose to make our life easier, goes terribly wrong and just stresses us out to point that we start throwing things and swearing we are going back to an abacus.  So, we take great interest when click to continue...

Horizon Table PC

It seems like just yesterday when a table was a place you put down your tablet.  I really need to stop living in the past, this is the 21st Century and if Lenovo has its way, the table will become the tablet and the PC and the game machine and the white board and the click to continue...

BlueBee Crowd Sourced Tracking Device

Crowdsourced.  Talk about an internet buzz word, it now seems that just about anything you can imagine is being crowdsourced online.  Well, not anything.  If I lose my keys, my dog, my wallet or anything else, there has not been a way to crowdsource a search party to find my lost goods.  Thanks to BlueBee click to continue...

D-Link DAP-1320 Wireless Range Extender

Are you impressed?  I am writing this post from a former Dead Zone in my house.  My WiFi router is in the basement and does a fine job covering the first floor in WiFi goodness, but up here in the second floor bedroom, the air is normally free of electrons and a complete WiFi dead click to continue...

Zensorium Tinke

If ever there was proof that size doesn't matter, it would be the Tinké by Zensorium.  Tinké is an insanely small health monitor that you plug into the bottom of your iPhone.   Place your thumb on the Tinke and by using optical scanning technology you can learn your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen click to continue...

NODE Sensor for iPhone

There are certain things you need.  There are certain things you want.  Then there is the NODE from Variable Technologies.  The NODE is one of those gadgets you don't think you need or want...because you have no idea what it is when you first see it.  Once you start playing with the NODE and realize click to continue...


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