Brain Fog. Need I say more?  Come on parents - let's be honest, we all have it.  I consider it a win if I can actually get my kids' names right...within three guesses. I decided to spend the rare moments when my brain fog actually lifts to do some research on what could help boost click to continue...

Zarbee's Seasonal Relief

I like to consider myself a low-maintenance, non-materialistic Dad.  I don't need fancy cars, expensive trips, sneakers with 24K gold laces, the ability to breath in the fall...wait I do need that last one.  While I don't need much, I really do love my oxygen, which explains why I hate the Fall.  Yes, Fall marks click to continue...

Nutrition Reviews

I'm a New Yorker.  I grew up in the city in the 70's, where I spent my 8th birthday party getting mugged in Time Square.  I have been silly enough to think that I knew where the red card was in 3 Card Monte.  I've been at Port Authority at 2am.  I know scary, seedy click to continue...


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