spring toys

Jungle Jumparoo

Oh sun and warmer temperatures, how we have missed you so.  Spring weather has been a long time coming here in the Northeast.  For months the kids have been trapped inside, in sub-freezing weather, just itching to get outside and play. What better to do outside then jump and bounce?  No we didn't get a click to continue...

Zano Bow from Zing Air

Run for your lives, everything is shrinking!  The world has gone Nano crazy...but we are here to guide you through the miniaturization of everything you own.  Last week we reviewed the XDrone Nano, a super small quadcopter.  Then we broke records with the world's smallest RC helicopter - the Nano Falcon.  Today Zing shows that click to continue...

Sky Gliderz

Rockets are cool, there is no denying that fact.  Be it explosive powered, battery powered or even human powered like the Sky Ripperz and Zoom Rocketz from Zing Toys that we reviewed in 2013.  Rockets go up and then they come pretty much straight down.  What could make a rocket even more cool?  What about click to continue...

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XDrone Nano

The long cold winter has finally come to an end.  The sun is shinning, the temperature is rising, all of which can mean only one thing...it is RC Drone Flying Season!  To get things kicked off we are reviewing the brand new XDrone Nano Quadcopter from WebRC.  In fact not only are we reviewing the click to continue...

Razor PowerRider 360

Doing toy reviews can be tough, soul searching work.  Sure, the idea of playing with toys all day probably sounds like fun to you, but every once in a while you run into a toy like the Razor Power Rider 360.  The Power Rider 360 has me resenting the fact that I wasn't born 8 click to continue...


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