Are you tired of high tech gadgets that seem cool, but just stress you out? Done figuring out drivers, firmware and configuration files? If so, you don't need to give up on cool gadgets, you just need to get a gadget that will keep you calm. Enter the Kewlkit KL5 Eva Lamp and Speaker.  At first click to continue...


We are all busy, so let's cut right to the chase...most KickStarter campaigns suck.  Don't get me wrong, we love the ideas and the creativity...but all too often the companies don't deliver on the promise of the campaign.  It is for this reason that we ignore the vast majority of Kickstarter pitches we get each click to continue...

Vibe Cup

As a Dad with way too much crap stuff all over the house, I am all for any gadget that can serve multiple purposes.  Sure, I have coffe cups and a few portable speakers, but if I want to eliminate stuff, I clearly need a coffee cup that IS a portable speaker.  Thankfully, I now click to continue...


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