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Smart phones are great....when they aren't dropping calls or stuttering to load web pages. If you happen to live or work in an area that is cursed by poor cell phone reception, you know the frustration all too well.  Dropped calls, missed messages, stuttering cat videos...yeah, it can get that bad. Now the eqo weBoost click to continue...

Toy Fair 2012

Pretty catchy slogan - huh?  Yep, that is the new slogan from the Toy Industry.   Apparently they focus group tested "If Your Kids Play With Your Phone Instead of Our Toys, The Terrorist Win" but it just wasn't edgy enough.  Fine, I am totally making all of this up, but there is no question the click to continue...

Smart Phone Bad Attitude

Dad Blogs, Daddy Bloggers and now Daddy Comic Artist!  Beware, Dads are Doing It All! Click the Continue Button below to see comment and read more... Mysterious and recluse Dad, W. McGee, is back with Vol 3 in the Smart Phone, Bad Attitude series - A DadDoes.Com exclusive. Did you somehow miss Vol 1??  Click click to continue...


Dad Does Comics? Yes He Does!

Smart Phone, Bad Attitude Part 1

We are pleased to introduce a new line of comics being creating just for Dad Does! Click the continue button below to see the Full Size Comic - We hope you enjoy the comic and we are trying to encourage the artist to keep them coming. Volume 2 in Smart Phone, Bad Attitude is Now click to continue...


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