Zoomer - an interactive pet dog that responds to your commands....sure, you would expect to enjoy that toy.  Zoomer Dino - a prehistoric self balancing dino you can try to tame with hand gestures...yeah sign me up for that one too.  But DigiBirds - the interactive pet birds?  I wouldn't want a real pet bird click to continue...

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Nano Falcon

Last week we reviewed the XDrone Nano RC quadcopter and we were impressed with the technology in such a small package.   Well, I guess "Nano" is a relative term because the Silverlit Nano Falcon RC Helicopter makes the XDrone Nano look huge! You see, there is small, then there is Guinness Book of World click to continue...

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Bluetooh RC Car

I have now made it.  I finally own a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.  Take that 3rd grade teacher who told me I needed to apply myself more!  Fine, maybe if I did apply myself more my Mercedes-Benz would be real and not a remote controlled car, but hey, this thing is still pretty cool. The Silverlit click to continue...


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