CES2012 Day 1, Mine is Bigger Than Yours!

Sony 150 inch TV

We have survived Day 1 of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012).  I have a theory that CES is not a technology show, but rather a top secret, giant psychological experiment.  Here is the experiment - dump 150,000 people into Las Vegas, have them wait hours to do anything - get a cab, get into click to continue...

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Toy Fair 2011

If I had a nickel for every toy we have bought the kids that ends up in the junk pile, I would have enough money to buy this year's latest and greatest toy!  In an earlier article I came clean about my life long addiction to RC Helicopters, but I was not being completely honest click to continue...

Karotz Smart Rabbit by Mindscape

This was the first Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that Dad Does has attended.  This means two things.  First, none of the other Consumer Electronics Shows count, since we weren't there.  You can now start counting CES using A.D. years... "after Dad Does". Secondly, since we have now attended one CES, we are completely qualified to click to continue...


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