Sure we love gadgets that are stylish and fashionable, but not if they sacrifice function for good looks.  As parents we are too busy to deal with fashionable gadgets that don't serve a purpose. Luckily, not only does the Monet serve a serves 3 purposes...all while being incredibly stylish.  With the Monet Wallet, Grip click to continue...


If I were to ask our US readers to name some top smartphone companies you would probably hear... Apple, Samsung, Google and maybe LG and Motorola. What you most likely would not hear is Meizu.  However, if you are looking for a very impressive and feature rich smartphone, that is incredibly well priced, you might click to continue...

Samsung Brightview

9 years ago we used a Baby Video Monitor.  Actually to call it a video monitor is not really accurate.  It was more like a weird black and white monitor, that showed shadowy, jumpy images of something that maybe resembled our child.  At points sound would come out of the monitor...often from the cordless phone click to continue...

Z30 Update 10.2.1

Ivory soap is 99.44% pure.  I love soap as much as the next guy, but if tomorrow they made it 99.54% pure I really doubt I wold notice the difference.  On the other hand, when BlackBerry turns things up a tenth of a notch, you can absolutely tell the difference! A few weeks ago we click to continue...

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

Tablets are taking over the world, resistance is futile.  Tablets provide an easy way for us Dads and Moms to read, research, play and create...that is, if we could actually pry our tablet out of the kid's hands.  The love affair kids have with tablets provides all types of challenges for us parents.  How do click to continue...


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