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I like physical stuff. I miss records, CDs and DVDs. Remember when you would actually get a handwritten letter from a friend in the mail?  Now I am just dating myself. As much as I like physical objects, even I have to admit that some things are better when they are virtual. I remember the click to continue...

Wipeout Helmet

Today, May 8th, 2013 is National Bike to School Day - a totally awesome way to express all the benefits that come from kids riding their bikes.  All of May is National Bike Month, a month long opportunity to celebrate the unique power of the bicycle and the many reasons we ride.  Everything about this click to continue...

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5Star Responder

We are surrounded by gadgets.  We have gadgets, our kids have gadgets and even our parents now have gadgets.  Too often, it feels like these gadgets can distract us and cause dangerous situations.  Is there any parent who does not cringe when they see teens texting and driving? Today we finally get to talk about click to continue...

Motivo Tires

Not a tire expert?  Great, neither are we!  Don't go anywhere, you are in the right place if you want to learn how the Nitto Motivo UHP (that is Ultra High Performance) All Season tires perform.   This is not going to be your typical car enthusiasts review, filled with specs and complicated terminology.  This is click to continue...

Summer Driving Tips for Teens

I'm sorry.  Now that I have apologized for ruining your day, let me bring you down.  I love summer, as illustrated by my recent article on not running back to school ads and ruining summer.  As much as I love summer, the fine folks at Michelin just destroyed my love of summer by giving me click to continue...


Let's be honest, being a parent is stressful. Sure, it is also incredible, wonderful, life changing and amazing - but trying to keep our kids healthy and safe can turn you gray before you even have a chance to go bald. Guess what? Turns out we have all been worrying about the wrong things! According click to continue...


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