Koov Robotics Kit

STEM is least as a buzzword and concept. The concept of increased focus for our kids on Science Technology Engineering and Math is certainly a wonderful idea. STEM or STEAM (add some Art into it) skills can expand the possibilities of what the next generation can accomplish. The problem is, how do you teach click to continue...

Sphero SPRK

Balls are great, there is no arguing that.  I have seen countless kids have endless hours of fun throwing, bouncing and catching balls of all sizes and shapes.  What I have not seen a lot of is balls that teach kids logic, programming, the power of cause and effect and the nuisances of a nested click to continue...

Disco Robo Dancing Robot

I have seen enough Sci-Fi movies to know how this all plays out.  Sure, the DiscoRobo from TOSY Robotics looks incredibly cute as it dances away to the beats in your song, but what's next? Is the idea to wait until thousands of kids have the DiscoRobo in their homes, then the secret robot signal click to continue...

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