There are going to be many more words in this review, but let me cut to the chase... Cozmo is the robot you actually want. There are lots of impressive toy robots on the market.  They are filled with technology and perform tasks like picking up objects or spying on your friends with robot like click to continue...

Dash and Dot

What is better than a robot?  Two robots!  Even better still, we are not talking about those intimidating, I'm going to take over the world and enslave you robots...we are talking about the friendly and cute Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robot Pack. Please watch our video review of the Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot click to continue...

MiP Robot

Yeah, I am sure your dog or cat is very cute.  Groover may have a great personality as well, but come on, for the most part he just sits there waiting for you to drop your food.  On the other hand, MiP from WowWee toys - now that is a friend with some personality.  MiP click to continue...

Recon Rover Owner's Manual

Here at Dad Does we have reviewed plenty of toys.  We have also reviewed our share of robots.  Yet somehow we have never reviewed a toy robot rover.  Well, that all changes today as we take a look at the new SmartLab Toys Recon 6.0 Programmable Rover. The Recon 6.0 Programmable Rover is a toy click to continue...


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