r/c toy reviews

Roller Copter

When you combine the phrases "RC helicopter", "walls" and "ceiling" the sentence usually ends with..."and now my RC helicopter is broken."   Luckily this is not the case with the new Air Hogs Roller Copter.  The Roller Copter is an RC Helicopter that lives its life in a protective cage (ah, if only they made click to continue...

XDrone Nano

The long cold winter has finally come to an end.  The sun is shinning, the temperature is rising, all of which can mean only one thing...it is RC Drone Flying Season!  To get things kicked off we are reviewing the brand new XDrone Nano Quadcopter from WebRC.  In fact not only are we reviewing the click to continue...

HeliQuad 2.4

There are many problems in the world.  As we write this the US Government is shut down, the ice caps are melting, it can be enough to get a Dad down.  However, there is one thing that gives me hope and that is the proliferation of radio controlled quadcopters in 2013.  Clearly the world would click to continue...

Robotcopter GST Special Edition

When you hear the name "Robocopter GST Special Edition" what do you imagine?  I was thinking some crazy part robot, part helicopter monster with Giant Spinning Torpedoes.  The bad news? It turns out the Robocopter GST  is not a robot at all and doesn't have a single Giant Spinning Torpedo.  The good news?  The Robocopter click to continue...

Wi-Spi Intruder RC Car, Spy Car

Moms and Dads the gig is up.  You know all that crazy stuff we say and do when we think the kids aren't around...well, get ready for it to be on YouTube.  Oh, don't think turning out the lights and being cloaked in darkness will do you any good - your glowing eyes will just click to continue...

Air Hogs battle tracker

The Dad Does addiction to anything that flies and has a remote control has been well documented on this site.  We have tried to break the addiction - going cold turkey and even repeating our mantra, "There is nothing new about that R/C helicopter, you don't need another helicopter, they are all the same."  It click to continue...


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