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Hurricane H6

The snow is finally melting, the sun is shining, people are slowing coming out of their shelters, the Arctic air is finally moving back to...well the Arctic I suppose.  Yes, we are so excited for it to be prime Hurricane weather!  No, not THAT  type of hurricane, we are talking about the Interactive Toy Concepts click to continue...

Alloy Falcon 802

We have reviewed all types of RC flying toys at Dad Does.  Helicopters, Quadcopters, Planes, Orbs, UFOs - you name it, we have reviewed it.  So, why would we even bother reviewing the Alloy Falcon 802 RC Helicopter?  This RC Helicopter does not have a camera, doesn't do flips and can't see in the dark click to continue...

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RC Micro Drone Quadrocopter

As Dads, we are clear fans of all things remote controlled.  We have reviewed countless RC Helicopters, but as we move toward 2013 things are changing.  It looks like having  just one or two rotors on your flying machine is just not going to be enough.  The new, new fun is Quadrocopters (or Quadcopters) - click to continue...


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