race cars

Anki Drive

Don't bother re-reading that title, it makes even less sense the second time you read it.  Anki DRIVE has that familiar feeling of playing a car racing video game, complete with power-ups, upgrades, weapons and shields...expect it is real!  Or maybe it is more like racing classic slot cars on a track, except the cars click to continue...

HyperActives 5

As Dads and Moms, we all know about hyperactivity.  There isn't a parent alive who hasn't spent at least some time dealing with hyperactive kids.  Normally we are trying to calm the kids down...but that is only because they are not stunt cars! I always knew hyperactivity could be a force for good and now click to continue...

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Sonic Speeders Stunt Set

Oh air, how I have missed you.  In this age of toy cars powered by batteries, gasoline, solar energy, rubber bands, vinegar and baking soda - what ever happened to air power?  I still remember the old  Air Jammer Road Rammer.  Who could forget their tag line, "You can run this car without a care click to continue...

Micro Chargers Hyper Dome - Battle Dome

The other day we talked about Battroborg and how robots always seem to like to battle.  Well, it is not just robots that dig the whole battling thing.  Now Micro Race Cars are getting into the battling action with the Micro Chargers Light Racers Hyper Dome.  Charge these race cars up for just 10 seconds click to continue...

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Nano Super Vert Crash Set

There seems to be an arms race going on with toy cars.  At the rate this arms race is going, soon cars will be the size of a grain of rice and create a sonic boom when you play with them.  Toy race cars have been going from normal sized to small to mini to click to continue...


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