Cubetto Robot

Being a parent can be hard.  We try to do the right things for our kids, but we often get conflicting messages. Recently, educators have been talking about the need to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) from a very early age.  Perfect, I can get my child in front of the computer and click to continue...

Dash and Dot

What is better than a robot?  Two robots!  Even better still, we are not talking about those intimidating, I'm going to take over the world and enslave you robots...we are talking about the friendly and cute Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robot Pack. Please watch our video review of the Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot click to continue...

Sphero SPRK

Balls are great, there is no arguing that.  I have seen countless kids have endless hours of fun throwing, bouncing and catching balls of all sizes and shapes.  What I have not seen a lot of is balls that teach kids logic, programming, the power of cause and effect and the nuisances of a nested click to continue...


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