CHiP Pup from WowWee

You know what separates every robotic pet from a real pet? An on/off switch! The thing which is great about real pets is that they are living, breathing things.  Real pets are always going, filled with personality and demand your attention. While the CHiP Robotic Pup from WowWee does not look like a real dog click to continue...

Zoomer Chimp

I know, a pet chimp who will not maul or rip your face off is mighty appealing.  Maybe that is enough for you.  You know Zoomer Chimp will not kill you, we've done our job, end of review... No, not end of review.  You are a Dad Does reader, you demand more from your robotic click to continue...

K9 For Warriors

We live in trying times.  Political unrest threatens lives across the globe.  Terrorist seek to do harm to civilians.  Right here in the USA, our government is basically paralyzed in a political stalemate.  On certain days, it can be hard to have much faith in humanity. We can debate and ague the merits of the click to continue...

air prey cat toy

Here at Dad Does we have reviewed over 700 toys.  Toys for kids of all ages.  Everything from the most advanced tech toys to toys that don't even have a power switch. Yet, with all these toy reviews, something has been missing.... toys for PETS!  Well, let's fix that today... Please watch our video review click to continue...

Botti Bot Remote Controlled Pet

Here at Dad Does we are no strangers to remote control (RC) toys.  In addition to writing endless reviews of RC planes, cars and helicopters, we actually have an entire playlist on YouTube just for RC toys.  Okay, I just read that last statement and that is pretty sad, clearly we need to get a click to continue...

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Wappy Dog

UPDATE: We now have a full hands-on review with Wappy Dog. Please click here to read our Wappy Dog Review to learn how Wappy performs in the real world! We do not have a dog.   How is that even possible?  I had dogs growing up, my wife had dogs - the kids want a dog click to continue...

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