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Cyco Cycle - The New CycoCycle

We are lucky enough to get a lot of fun, interesting toys to review here at Dad Does, but the Cyco Cycle may be the strangest one yet.    Perhaps its weirdness stems from its origins... "At a young age, a tiny CycoCycle was left on an orphanage’s front steps somewhere in the Midwest. Not having click to continue...

Ice Cream Kit

Ah, the conflicts of life.  It is summer, so you want the kids to be outside having fun.  However, as a parent, you also know it is important that the kids continue to learn and use some brain power while school is out.  Well, conflict be damned - Scientific Explorer has the solution... The fine click to continue...

Toy Fair 2011 Coverage

We saw some amazing education toys at Toy Fair 2011, but we will not be writing about that today.  We also saw some impressive socially responsible toys at Toy Fair, but we will not be writing about that either today.  Sometimes you just want to shoot things and THAT is what we will be talking click to continue...


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