Baobab Ice Cream

It's hot and you need to cool down.  You can hardly move, getting out of the chair feels like a herculean task.  You need... ice cream!  You need that cool sweet treat freezing your insides. But what happens after you finish that giant bowl of ice cream.  Sure it was cool and delicious, but it was click to continue...


  We are down at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore (9/16-9/19) looking for great natural products that Dads, Moms and kids will love.  Expo East is a showcase of the best natural and organic foods, supplements and personal care products.  Basically you walk up and down the aisles of the Baltimore convention center click to continue...


It’s Official, Kale is King!


How long before Disney options the rights to Kale.  Come on, who doesn't love a good rags to riches story?  Hmm, I wonder how one becomes the agent for a green leafy vegetable... Way back in the day, kale was an inexpensive dark, leafy green - a sort of poor man's lettuce.  Back in these click to continue...

Nutrition Reviews

I'm a New Yorker.  I grew up in the city in the 70's, where I spent my 8th birthday party getting mugged in Time Square.  I have been silly enough to think that I knew where the red card was in 3 Card Monte.  I've been at Port Authority at 2am.  I know scary, seedy click to continue...

Obama and Me

Sometimes the events of the world can just bring you down.  1 in 3 kids is overweight or obese.  For the first time, our kids are expected to have a lower standard of living than we do.   If the stock market drops any faster, it will create a sonic boom.  And finally, McDonald's went and click to continue...

Natural Products Expo East

Last year we covered the Natural Products Expo and learned one important lesson - manufacturers were coco for coconuts!  It felt like you could hardly spit without hitting another brand of coconut water.  Not that we walked around the show floor spitting.  Well, except when we had that organic, gluten free, all natural green food click to continue...

Young Coconuts

As we mentioned at the start of the week, we are are going Coconut Water Crazy at Dad Does!  All this week we will be reviewing coconut waters and at the end of the week we are doing the big Dad Does Coconut Water Blind Taste Test.  To start the week off, we went organic click to continue...

Natural Products Expo East

Next week the Blog World show is going on in warm, never rainy, Las Vegas.  The show will be the place to be for bloggers to learn all types of blogging tricks.  So, we are proud to announce that next week, we will be traveling to Boston - where it may be snowing or a click to continue...


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