Baobab Fruit Pulp

At the time we write this (6/20/2013) it is highly unlikely you have heard of the Baobab Fruit.  In fact, it was just a few weeks ago when we learned how to pronounce it - "Bey-Oh-bab" for the record.   So, why are we writing about the Baobab Fruit, the hard to pronounce fruit that click to continue...

Rhodiola Rosea

There are three things in life I know to be true.  First, being a parent is the most wonderful, rewarding and fantastic experience in the world.  Second, being a parent is the most tiring, grueling, stress inducing and mentally challenging experience in the world.  Third, Fred Flintstone would crush Homer Simpson in a Steel Cage click to continue...

Drinking Coconut Water

A very fair question.  As everyone in the free world (and even 13 people in North Korea) knows, we have been reviewing and taste testing Coconut Waters for the past week and will continue on next week.  So, our obsession with Coconut Water is clear, but what is not clear is why we are obsessed click to continue...

Expo End

As many of our readers know, we spent that last few days down at the Natural Products Expo - looking for some interesting products to review here at Dad Does.  We did find some great products and over the next few weeks will be putting these products to the test and offering full reviews.  For click to continue...


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