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We have been in training for weeks for the Natural Products Expo East.  You know, eating dirt, insects and making smoothies from some pond scum we found growing in a puddle behind our house. You know what that was right there...horrible stereotypes about what eating natural and healthy is all about.  True, 10 years ago click to continue...


We will drink green drinks that look like something a Llama should drink.  We will eat food bars with the consistency of rubber wrapped in cardboard.  We will eat chips with so many live enzymes, there is a 87% chance the chips will crawl back out of our stomach.  Yes, we will do all this click to continue...

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I need to keep this short, I am without onions and that is just flat out irresponsible.  I am down at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, in search of far off exotic elixirs that will allow us Moms and Dads to live forever.  I fully expected this magic ingredient to involve trekking through click to continue...

Expo East

As many of you know, we are spending this week down at the Natural Products Expo in Boston.  The expo features hundreds of natural, organic, and healthy lifestyle products from passionate manufacturers.  After spending the first day walking the expo floor we are left with one simple question... Everyone here makes very compelling arguments on click to continue...


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