Cancer Connection Campout

Cancer sucks. Period. People, organizations and companies that work to help people touched by cancer - AWESOME! Today we are going to highlight some folks who are Doing Good and deserve to be in the spotlight... The Cancer Connection is a wonderful organization located in Northampton, MA.  Cancer Connection offers a haven where people living click to continue...

Campout Toys

What could possibly motivate a man, who hates camping, to camp out in the snow, sleet and rain?  The forces of Good....or pure insanity...but let's go with the forces of Good! Forget all the negativity you see on the news each night.  Pretend that Washington, DC does not exist.  Assume that the person who just click to continue...

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Monte's March

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought, "Hey, seems like a good day to push an empty shopping cart for 26 miles?" If you did happen to push an empty shopping cart for 26 miles, did you do it again the next year, and the next year, and the next year?  Finally click to continue...

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Spotlight On Good

Welcome to Monday...not normally a day associated with Good, but let's quickly change that.  Time to point our big old spotlight on some of the incredible Good that is happening all around us...yes, even on a Monday.  Have you ever had a crazy idea on how to help people?  Sure, we all have, the difference click to continue...

Rockboard Scooter

Cancer sucks.  Not even I would attempt to make some joke here or add levity to the disease of cancer.  The unfortunate fact is that cancer touches so many people, that virtually everyone has to deal with the painful realities of cancer at some point.  Cancer sucks, that is absolutely true, but that does not click to continue...


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