McDonalds Smores

Wow, I never realized how terrible my childhood was.  Back in the day, if I wanted to enjoy Smores - the miracle food handed down directly from the heavens - I had to sit around a campfire.   Often I was forced to camp, swim, play and then sit outside on a beautiful starlit night with click to continue...


When you think of large supermarket chains certain names come to mind.  You have Kroger, Safeway, Stop and Shop, Whole Foods and McDonald's.  What - you think McDonalds is a restaurant???  That's funny, you must not be from Russia - where McDonald's has made it clear they are a supermarket and NOT a restaurant. You click to continue...


Writing fresh, funny material for the late night talk shows must be hard.  You have to work hard to find current news that you can poke fun at and then craft the jokes.  That has all changed now. When the government issued a health insurance waiver to McDonald's, the company with the super sized meals click to continue...

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