File this under, "Where in the world was this toy when I was a kid!" The Ultimate Justice League Remote Control Batmobile is a 1/10 replica of the batmobile from the new movie.  The level of detail and technology in this Batmobile will make any Batman fan scream Holy Smokes.  Speaking of smoke, did we click to continue...

Matchbox Treasure Truck

When I was a kid, it really didn't get any better than playing in the sandbox with my toy truck.  Push the truck, dig in the sand - what could be better?  Well, I guess finding hidden treasure could have made things better! Yep, once again, kids today get a toy that pushes things to click to continue...

Hot Wheels Street Hawk

Ever since I was a kid in elementary school, I have been promised a future filled with flying cars.  Who can forget those Scholastic Newspapers of the 70's that promised by the year 2000 we would be in a our flying cars, shooting the breeze with our robots. While I am still bitter about not click to continue...

BoomCO Rapid Madness

The Nerf line from Hasbro have long ruled the kids blaster world.  Is it possible for any other toy company to blast its way into the world of flying darts?  Mattel thinks so!  New for 2014 is the line of BoomCO blasters from Mattel that feature Smart Stick darts.  To test the BoomCO line out click to continue...


The International Toy Fair in New York City will be kicking off on Sunday, February 16, 2014 and we are getting ready to provide full coverage of all the new and fun toys that your kids will be begging for in 2014.  Toy Fair will tease us with what is coming in the Fall 2014 click to continue...

Mattel Coupon Code DADDOES20

Just a quick one for all you toy lovers out there...and really, who is not a toy lover?  As we found out at Toy Fair 2013, Mattel has a ton of super cool toys out for 2013.  We recently reviewed their Hot Wheels Spin Shotz and took a quick look at some of the amazing click to continue...

Promo Code DADDOES 15% Off Mattel Toys

As much as we have tried to get Obama or Romney to run on the platform of Free Toys For Everyone, we have not been successful...yet.  Come on, if information wants to be free, why can't toys be free?  We review so many cool toys here, but they all have that one major negative - click to continue...

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Hot Wheels Terrain Twister

We have reviewed numerous Hot Wheels cars that are packed with impressive technology.   The Hot Wheels Video Racer somehow fits a video camera, microphone, LCD screen and USB port in a standard size Hot Wheels car.    The Hot Wheels Nitro Speeder, a tiny RC car that goes from 0 - 600 MPH in 1 click to continue...


Toy Fair 2012: 5 Favorites…So Far


By Noelle, Librarian Extraordinaire We’ve been at the Toy Fair for a couple of days, and seen an overwhelming amount of toys of all kinds.  There’s still more to see, but I thought it would be fun to give a flavor of the fair and report on some of my favorite sights so far. 1.  click to continue...

Hot Wheels Rat Bomb

Hot Wheels is on a roll - sorry, couldn't resist.   First, with the Video Racer,  they stuff a camera, LCD screen and mic in a standard Hot Wheels car.  Then they come up with the Nitro Speeders, the world's smallest RC car that goes 0-600 MPH in 1 second.   Now they are set to click to continue...

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