man crates

Man Crates Bacon

I am going to try to get through this story without crying all over my keyboard, but I just get so emotional when I talk about this.  You see, right around this time last year I was laughed at, ridiculed - all for loving bacon too much.  I was doing a radio interview last year click to continue...

Man Crates

We are Man Crate lovers and not ashamed to admit it!  If you are new to Man Crates, go back and read our full Man Crates review here.  Really, does a guy want to receive a gift basket with bows, ribbon and wrapping paper?  Of course not, he wants to get a crate, that he click to continue...

Man Crates, Gift Basket for Men

Guys have a hard enough time finding gifts for women, but ask a guy to buy a gift for another man and you run the risk of causing his brain to explode.   Maybe some beer or beef jerky would do the trick, but how do you give this gift to a guy?  A gift basket click to continue...


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