agua camera case

  Things that don't traditionally go well together - Yankees fans and Red Sox fans, magnets and hard drives and finally DSLR cameras and rain storms.  Not much we can do about the first two, but the folks at Miggo have just introduced the AGUA Camera Carrier on Kickstarter to solve that last pairing. Here click to continue...


We are all busy, so let's cut right to the chase...most KickStarter campaigns suck.  Don't get me wrong, we love the ideas and the creativity...but all too often the companies don't deliver on the promise of the campaign.  It is for this reason that we ignore the vast majority of Kickstarter pitches we get each click to continue...


We live in complicated times.  You have the whole 99% vs the 1% in terms of wealth and powder debate.  1 in 5 American children wonder where there next meal will come from (source).  49 million people in America face hunger issues everyday (source).  There are hardworking volunteers, working for incredible nonprofits, who pour everything click to continue...


Help A Dad Save The World…From Spills

Spill Stopper

This is a departure for us.  Here at Dad Does we focus on real world product reviews.  We get our little hands on things, try them in the real world and report back on how the product did.  Sometimes we have done previews - such as our Toy Fair 2012 coverage, where we see demos click to continue...


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