AirZone Series 1

When you hear the name "AirZone Series 1" you might think about a cool R/C flying toy... what you probably don't think about is a speaker dock for your iPhone.  The AirZone Series 1 by Gear4, however, is no ordinary speaker.   By incorporating Apple AirPlay support into the speaker you can wireless stream music click to continue...

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iDAPT i4

I love my gadgets but hate the tangled mess of charging wires that accompany them.  Yes, I do need my iPhone, iPad and video camera on any trip I take...even one to the bathroom.   There may be more gadgets in my family than Cheerios stuck in the couch cushions, which also means we have a click to continue...

iHog Docking Station

There are only 3 guarantees in life - death, taxes and a never ending supply of  new iPhone/iPod accessories.   So, the idea of reviewing yet another iPod/iPhone docking station did not thrill us.  Yet, one look at the new iHog Portable Docking Station and we knew this was one pretty pig we could party with click to continue...


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