Mosquito Magnet CounterFlow

I hate mosquitoes and from their great desire to suck my blood, I don't believe they think highly of me either.  In my attempt to rid the planet of mosquitoes I wrote this open letter to them nearly two years ago.  I kindly asked them to vacate the planet, but just step in my backyard click to continue...


I hate mosquitoes.  This has been well documented in my open letter to mosquitoes, kindly asking that they leave the planet for the next 100 million years.  In my fantasy world, anything that bites me and makes me itch would be banished from the planet...oh, and Snickers bars would freely fall from the sky, be click to continue...


Here at Dad Does we are always searching for things to review that can make a Mom or Dad's life a little easier or better in some way.   Over the past year we have been lucky enough to review some excellent products that really do make our lives better, but that is not what we click to continue...


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