Product Review Bloggers

Here at Dad Does, we suffer from an identity crisis.  Yes, most of the writers are Dads (but we do have some Moms) and we tend to write about things that involve the family - so we must be Dad Bloggers.  Hold the phone, our focus is really doing real world product reviews - so click to continue...

Toy Reviews

Something just doesn't add up.  At the 2012 International Toy Fair there were over 100,000 toys on display.  Clearly we have had no shortage of toys in 2012.   With today's technology, everyone can be a publisher and with a few clicks share their views with the world.  Type "product review bloggers" into Google and you click to continue...

Nutrition Reviews

I'm a New Yorker.  I grew up in the city in the 70's, where I spent my 8th birthday party getting mugged in Time Square.  I have been silly enough to think that I knew where the red card was in 3 Card Monte.  I've been at Port Authority at 2am.  I know scary, seedy click to continue...


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