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By Noelle, Librarian Extraordinaire It's a marble maze.  It's a construction toy. It's a toy with a strange name. Yes, Q-Ba-Maze 2.0 from Mindware is all those things and more.  Imagine being able to build a house, dog, robot, unknown shape (my favorite) - like you would with construction toys that allow you to stack click to continue...

Golden Tee Golf

As far as I am concerned, God gave us the trackball for two reasons - to play Missile Command and Golden Tee Golf.    While I may be dating myself by talking about Missile Command, even the youngest Dads and Moms must know Golden Tee Golf.  Golden Tee Golf is the most successful arcade golf game click to continue...

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The Complete Dad Does Hot Holiday Toy Reviews

Hot Holiday Toy Reviews 2010 by Dad Does

UPDATE: We have released our Top Toys for the 2011 Holiday Season Gift Guide! Please click here to see the List of Top Toys for the 2011 Holiday Season! Stick a fork in it - it is done!  Yes, after more than a month of testing out the hot holiday toys, our Moms and Dads click to continue...


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